Step 1.

Always ensure to inspect for burring and rust before use of any hose restraints. Replace grip if damaged

Step 2.

Ensure the hose is clean and free from oil and dirt before use.

Step 3.

Slide the grip down the length of the hose until the last rows of plaited wire are past the coupling and the eyes have enough length to reach the anchoring of the shackles.

Step 4.

Run your hands down the grip from the coupling end to the tail to smooth out any bubbles in the grip and ensure the grip is utilising its entire grip length.

Step 5.

Anchor the hose restraint at the eyes to two horizontally opposed shackle points.

Step 6.

Always use shackles equal to or greater than the breaking strength of the hose restraint.

Step 7.

In the case of doubles ended hose restraints, ensure that the plaited length of the hose restraint is not longer than the length of the hose between the couplings, when fitted to the hose. Only use a double ended hose restraint on the specific hose length and diameter it is labeled for.

Step 8.

Slight slack in the legs preferred. This will allow a travel distance for the coupling in disconnection and greatly reduce the load applied to the hose restraint. A travel distance of up to 40mm is recommended.